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Chris Evert Turns Grateful in an Emotional Message to Ex-Husband for His Unending Support in Her Cancer Battle

Former American WTA star Chris Evert is no stranger to making waves in the tennis world. After spending a lifetime on the tennis court, the American star revealed back in December 2023 that her cancer had returned. She has been diagnosed with BRCA-related variant 1 ovarian cancer. Evert recovered from cancer in 2020, however, it resurfaced again last year. Amidst her chemo sessions, Evert shared an optimistic update for fans on Instagram.

As she moved to the third round of chemotherapy, Chris Evert took the chance to remind people of the importance of getting health checkups regularly, as well as being familiar with the family history with respect to diseases. It was something of an appreciation for her ‘support system’, Andy Mill. Her ex-husband Andy Mill continues to be a strong presence in her fight against cancer, staying by her side just like he did back in 2020 when Evert battled cancer for the first time.



Chris Evert maintains her spirit in the battle against cancer
After winning her fight against cancer in 2020, the disease made a shocking return in December, yet Evert remains more positive than ever. Before going for the third round of chemotherapy, she dropped a positive on Instagram.

Evert shared an image alongside her eldest son, Alexander Mill, as they took to the tennis court for a special workout. The former skateboarder accompanied his mother for tennis, and as per Evert, beat her at her sport. She went on to say, “Out for a little workout with my eldest…He whipped my butt.” Positive updates like this one keep fans relaxed about Evert’s condition. Andy Mill’s presence has been noted by fans as most significant. Despite having divorced years ago, Mill remains a critical part of Evert’s life, and his support during this time remains a welcome sight.

As for the fans, they certainly missed seeing Chris Evert at the Australian Open 2024. After hanging up her tennis racquet, Chris Evert’s role as a commentator was something of fans’ favorite. As fans wish her a speedy recovery, Evert also revealed she plans not to miss tournaments this year. She will be preparing to make appearances at the major tournaments set to take place in 2024.

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