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Phil Mickelson Announces Split With Longtime Partner Callaway

Phil Mickelson’s longtime equipment deal with Callaway has been “paused” since early 2022, following controversial comments he made about the PGA Tour and what would eventually become LIV Golf. Nearly two years later, Mickelson is announcing that he has parted ways with the golf company.



“I am no longer sponsored by Callaway Golf but have maintained a great relationship with everyone there,” Mickelson said, noting that the two sides seem to have completely split.
Mickelson did note in his announcement that he recommended that golfers use one of the company’s flagship golf balls, the Chrome Tour X.

Mickleson had been sponsored by Callaway for nearly two decades, and he enjoyed a great deal of flexibility in his contract. Mickelson has been known to use different brands of clubs throughout his golf bag, something Callaway allowed him to do under his deal. It’s unclear where Mickelson will go for a new equipment sponsor, but it’s another high profile example of a golfer ending a long-standing endorsement deal.



Tiger Woods and Nike ended their relationship after nearly 30 years, despite Woods being synonymous with the brand. To show their appreciation, Nike took out a full page ad in a recent edition of the New York Times with a message of “It was a hell of a round, Tiger.”

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