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The Biggest Challenges for Pirates Of The Caribbean 6 Including Huge Fee Demanded By Johnny Depp

Pirates of the Caribbean is a massive franchise but the next installment may have some big battles to fight before it gets made.
The Pirates Of The Caribbean saga has been surprisingly absent from the big screen, but rumors have been swirling regarding the franchise’s return. Its enduring appeal has seen it continue to hold a mighty presence across various pieces of merchandise, including video games and t-shirts. Pirates Of The Caribbean 6 may see the series finally return to theaters, with its script said to be nearing completion, but there are a few obstacles it will have to face upon its return to multiplexes.



Pirates Of The Caribbean 6 has had a particularly rough development period. Controversies regarding its main actors as well as reported plans for the new movie have soured interest in a new motion picture. The upcoming Pirates installment appears to be a doomed project, with many behind-the-scenes issues causing a long delay to its eventual completion.



Pirates Of The Caribbean seems as though it would be an extremely fun movie set to be a part of. The reality is sadly not true, due to the series having been mired by several previous production issues. Dead Men Tell No Tales’ controversy surrounding the use of live animals saw a security guard being threatened by a man dressed as a pirate, who held the guard at knifepoint.

Some of the most notorious incidents include Johnny Depp injuring his left foot during the filming of Dead Man’s Chest, and Kaya Scodelario’s serious injury to her left arm during the filming of Dead Men Tell No Tales. These unfortunate accidents may result in the insurance becoming too expensive to insure Pirates 6’s cast



Undoubtedly the main appeal of the Pirates Of The Caribbean movies is the hilarious Captain Jack Sparrow. It is rightfully considered one of Johnny Depp’s best roles. It is hard to imagine Pirates Of The Caribbean without Johnny Depp, although the actor is likely to demand a huge fee. Yet, bringing back Johnny Depp would not only be a difficult PR move, but financially it would be a huge obstacle to overcome.



Johnny Depp and Disney are understandably not on the best of terms, following the actor being unceremoniously fired from Pirates Of The Caribbean 6 during Amber Heard’s domestic abuse allegations. Consequently, Johnny Depp is understood to be demanding $301 million to be rehired for the new Pirates entry. This would make it insanely difficult for the new film to break even, especially after factoring in its marketing and production costs. While the number may have been inflated for effect during the trial, Depp likely would not come back for a small sum regardless.

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