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‘It’s done’ – US golf star Jordan Spieth provides huge update on 49ers group takeover of Leeds United

Jordan Spieth has all-but confirmed the successful takeover of former Premier League side Leeds United by the 49ers group.
In a significant development for Leeds, the 49ers group has successfully completed their takeover of the club. Spieth, the US golf star, confirmed the completion of the deal, providing an exciting update for Leeds and its fans. This marks a major shift in the ownership structure and opens up new possibilities for the club’s future.



WHAT THEY SAID: “It’s done. Myself and Justin (Thomas) with a minority stake. The 49ers beat my Cowboys every year, so if you can’t beat ’em, join ’em!,” said Spieth, speaking to Sky Sports.
“Myself and Justin have a minority stake, but Rickie decided against it after relegation. Relegation wasn’t ideal, but we got involved with the 49ers group about purchasing a larger share and getting in with them doing things so successfully as they do everywhere they’ve touched. We thought it would be a cool opportunity. It’s a big city, historic club, great venue in Elland Road, and once we looked into it we realised it could be really exciting.”



“They (49ers) renegotiated after relegation and it was possibly a better deal – as long as they can get promoted soon. I’m excited to have a team I’m emotionally invested in. I’ve watched The Premier League intently for a few years. Hopefully, we’ll be back there very soon,” added the American.
THE BIGGER PICTURE: The English club was relegated from the Premier League last season following a pretty poor season. The talks of a takeover have been going on for a while and it was later confirmed that an agreement was been reached to sell the club to 49ers Enterprises in a deal worth £170 million ($214m).

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