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Floyd Mayweather Visits Israel, Prays At Western Wall

Top level boxers have long been known to get involved with national – and sometimes international – matters. These individuals have a big platform, after all. They also tend to have lots of money. Perhaps most importantly, being boxers, they are unafraid of controversy. Jack Johnson broke the sport’s color barrier. Muhammad Ali fought for civil rights and an end to the war in Vietnam. And now Floyd Mayweather, unquestionably the primary fighter of his era, is providing support for Israel during a time of war.
“From the very week of October 7th,” Rabbi and speaker Shmuel Reichman states on social media, “Floyd Mayweather, the undefeated 15-time boxing champion, used his personal jet to deliver food and other supplies to Israel, to help those Israelis who were wounded, displaced, or in need of help.



The aircraft, called Air Mayweather, also transported bulletproof vests for Israel Defense Force (IDF) soldiers, which was handed out by his pilots, many of which included US Army and US Air Force veterans.” Reichman goes on to state that Mayweather has offered more than material support to Israel during its war with Hamas. “Mayweather has also since emerged as a vocal advocate for the Jewish people during the recent rise in worldwide antisemitism,” Reichman states. “In response to his incredible efforts, Mayweather recently received the ‘Champion of Israel’ award at the American Friends of Magen David Adom Gala in Miami. He has put everything on the line for the Jewish People, so let’s all show him our support and give him a big thank you!”



Reichman’s post was accompanied by a picture of Mayweather in Israel, praying at the Western Wall. Indeed, Israel and Gaza-based Hamas have been engaged in bloody conflict since a horrific Hamas led terrorist attack into Israel last autumn led to many Israeli’s to being killed, wounded, or abducted. While some Westerner’s have argued Israel has overreacted to the assault (some are calling Israel’s subsequent actions a genocide of the Palestinian people) there are others who feel Israel is well within its rights to do what it must to prevent a terrorist attack like the one last fall from occurring again.

Although he officially retired from the professional ring after defeating UFC star Conor McGregor in a 2017 superfight, Mayweather has kept himself busy by engaging in numerous lucrative exhibition matches. The Hall of Famer has also clearly been keeping abreast of global events.

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