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Serena Williams Reacts to Husband Alexis Ohanian’s Shoutout on Her Baking Skills With a 4 Word Message

Alexis Ohanian is currently in the middle of a celebration as Reddit is having its first Initial Public Offering. Seeing the shares of the company have jumped in value, the co-founder of the social media company is nothing but smiling. The IPO was celebrated by him in a grand show and a sweet gesture from his wife, Serena Williams, who baked him a special dessert.
Ohanian was not present for Reddit’s IPO day, but he celebrated it in his own manner. His wife gave him a special treat, but he had to live through the agony of not being able to dive into it for a while.



As he celebrated the success of Reddit’s IPO, Ohanian couldn’t help but share his joy on his ‘X’ page. He talked about all the requests he and his team have been receiving about the IPO, which he decided not to answer because it was not his moment. He also wrote, “More to be announced from @SevenSevenSixin the next few months… but for now, here’s an amazing homemade IPO-pie my wife just pulled out of the oven for me — even here on vacation! Stay winning, my friends.” Ohanian shared a picture of a golden brown pie to go with the caption.
To share his happiness on this special day, Serena Williams left a short and sweet message for him. She wrote, “Your IPO day pie! 😍😍😍“, to help him celebrate the day. While the pie looked scrumptious, Ohanian further wrote that he could not eat the pie for at least 3 hours.



Celebrating the first IPO of Reddit was a no-brainer. However, its co-founder could not be in the venue. He had another pressing matter to attend to, which took priority over going to New York.

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