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See why Holger Rune Faces Intense Criticism from fans

World No. 7 Holger Rune’s run at the Miami Open was brutally ended by Fabian Marozsan in the second round. Thrashing him in straight sets with a final score of 6-1,6-1, he left the Dane with a rather bitter taste in his mouth. Rune is usually not a crowd favorite and has garnered hate from tennis fans for his antics on and off the court.

Trying to summarize his dismal loss, the Dane took to social media to dish out a few ending notes to his not-so-impressive stint at Miami. However, this didn’t go down well with the fans.

Holger Rune has often been at the receiving end of the wrath of the fans for his alleged ‘bratty’ behavior. Taking to X (formerly Twitter), he revealed the reason for his loss, saying that he was not “feeling well 100 percent” and stating that he “should have pulled out.” What irked the fans was his lack of appreciation for his opponent who defeated him fair and square.



One fan was polite enough to wish Rune but was also quick to point out his lack of sportsmanship.

The fan quite literally told Holger Rune about what to say, while asking him to be a gracious competitor. The fan also mentioned that the Dane’s ‘excuses’ were irrelevant.

Another fan seemed to have thought that Rune genuinely forgot to wish Fabian.

The fan almost sarcastically reminded Rune to wish his opponent, Marozsan, for his victory as he has been the rightful winner of their match.

One user posed a rhetorical question aimed at taking a jibe at Holger Rune and his team’s lack of preparedness.
The fan asked Rune about whether or not he was trained by his PR team to give some credit where it’s due.



Another fan pointed out the fair amount of gap between the rankings of the two tennis pros and offered a piece of advice.

The fan, in an exaggerated manner, highlighted the significant rank difference between the two players while mentioning the dismal fashion in which the Dane was defeated.

One fan tried to give Rune a reality check by pointing out the fact that Rune would not have won the match even if he was actually feeling well.

The fan said that Marozsan would have defeated Rune or any top player on that given day because he played exceptionally well. He then proceeded to ask Rune to “show some respect” to the winner.

While Rune is probably telling the truth, it’s hard to completely be sure of that. However, the fans don’t seem to buy it as they have seen these kinds of excuses from the Dane before as well.

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